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Well, my lovelies, I think the time has come to dismantle my Tumblr account. Time to focus on writing. On becoming the Diet Roger Ebert. On a brand new way of living, actually.

Goodness me, Tumblr has taught me so much. It’s brought me into a wonderful community of people who love humanity and believe it will only get better. It’s brought me into a community that loves and adores film as much as I do and puts me to palpable shame when it comes to the understanding of and devotion to the art of film.

I just wanna take a moment to say that for those of you who’d like to still be a part of my interweb world, please shoot me a message before I take this down tomorrow. Find me on Facebook or Twitter or, honestly, whatever social media outlet you prefer (trust that I use them all). Some of you have been great acquaintances and I’m never one to sever a friendship, in no matter what capacity it exists.

After more than four years…it’s not you, it’s me.